3.3.2017 Yesterday was Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Yes, he is an iconic children’s book writer, and yes, he was a racist in his time. I really admire the letter these children’s parents wrote to their kids’ teacher/principal. I strongly believe the educational system is a platform and safe arena where we can share different truths within … More Kudos

Metal Chopsticks

3.2.2017 Jenna, the main character of Please Love Umma, uses metal chopsticks to pick at her kimchi. Actually, metal chopsticks are a part of Korean history and culture, and Koreans are known to be the only Asians who use them. Here are a few interesting facts about Koreans and metal chopsticks: *Way back in time, … More Metal Chopsticks

Write It

1/27/17 “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” Toni Morrison Thank you, Toni Morrison. No one could have said it better. When I was teaching in a foreign school outside of the US, I realized the shortage of children’s novels on the … More Write It

Introducing Please Love Umma’s Protagonist, Jenna Kim

1/24/17 Introducing Jenna Kim, the protagonist of the soon-to-be released middle-grade novel, Please Love Umma. (for advanced readers, ages 9 to 12) This poignant story of love and loss follows Jenna, a young Korean-American girl, as she attempts to understand her mother’s death and the complicated relationship they shared. Jenna also struggles to comprehend the … More Introducing Please Love Umma’s Protagonist, Jenna Kim