What is your favorite kimchi dish?


2/15/17 My favorite kimchi dish is kimchi pork stew! There are so many different ways to eat kimchi. How do you enjoy your kimchi? Please comment below!

“In the kitchen, Umma was in her apron, squatting, with her stubby toes planted on the cold floor. A huge plastic bucket was in front of her, and she was putting thick, red clumps of ingredients, smothered in garlic, on the cabbage to ferment the kimchi. It made the same familiar squishy sound every time she scrunched the smooth, shiny leaves together and caressed each one. She motioned for me to come closer as she cut off a small piece she was working on. I walked toward her and opened my mouth. The spiciness and crunchiness of the leaf made the fresh flavor savory. I squatted next to her and watched her continue as she began to sing in Korean…”
–an excerpt from the children’s novel, Please Love Umma


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