Metal Chopsticks

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3.2.2017 Jenna, the main character of Please Love Umma, uses metal chopsticks to pick at her kimchi. Actually, metal chopsticks are a part of Korean history and culture, and Koreans are known to be the only Asians who use them.
Here are a few interesting facts about Koreans and metal chopsticks:
*Way back in time, the Korean royal family used chopsticks made of silver in order to avoid untimely and plotted death schemes by those who wished to take over the dynasty. The silver would change color if poison was on them! As time passed, commoners took over this practice and started using metal chopsticks as well.

*When the spoon and chopsticks are set on the table, the chopsticks are always placed on the right side of the spoon. It is only placed on the left side during a funeral or memorial service when food is prepared for loved ones who have passed.
*The eldest person at the table picks up their chopsticks first.
*A spoon and chopsticks are used together if the food “drips.”
*While eating, chopsticks are never placed into the rice and left standing, as this is only done during funerals and memorials when food is prepared for loved ones who have passed.
When I was young, I found wooden chopsticks to be much easier to use versus metal ones, but as I got older, the metal ones became easier to use and are much more comfortable!

Do you know any more facts about metal chopsticks? Please share!