Introducing Please Love Umma’s Protagonist, Jenna Kim


Introducing Jenna Kim, the protagonist of the soon-to-be released middle-grade novel, Please Love Umma. (for advanced readers, ages 9 to 12)

This poignant story of love and loss follows Jenna, a young Korean-American girl, as she attempts to understand her mother’s death and the complicated relationship they shared. Jenna also struggles to comprehend the growing unrest during the fateful Los Angeles riots in 1992.

With Jenna’s mother, Umma, gone, the eleven-year-old girl is left to reflect upon her family dynamics, religion, and culture. As Jenna flashes back, thinking of events from her past, she ultimately comes to realize the truth behind her mother’s overbearing nature—and her discovery forces her to see both her mother and her father in a whole new light.

As Jenna looks back on the past year, she truly sees her mother for the first time—and realizes the sacrifices that were made to give Jenna a happy life.

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