Working On Book No. 2!

8.31.22 Officially working on my second book. It’s been a while since I have been able to sit down and finish up the stories that I’ve been writing in my spare time during the past year but it’s finally coming along! I am also thrilled to be working with an amazing illustrator from Israel who is so talented. You can have a sneak peek at one of the watercolor pieces below from our project.

Life is so subtle in the grand scheme of things. This compels me to continue writing. I think of my son and daughter who have their whole lives ahead of them, and I can only hope that one day when my time is up, I can leave behind not only a part of me that is hopefully good but also authentic and true to my children so they can recognize me and themselves always.

My father died at 62. His mother died at 55. His younger brother died at 65. His younger sister died at 66. I pray for more years than they had but realistically, I may have a good 20 summers and 20 winters left from now at the age of 42. Are 20 summers enough to enjoy the endless sounds of laughter and glee from all of the children playing together around me whom I adore? Are 20 winters enough to snuggle up to my husband and nuzzle my nose into his ears for never ending love and warmth? Is 20 decades enough to share my heart with all of the women I cherish in my life? A million years would not be enough. Therefore, I can only strive fervently to be a little more than a freckle in time that surfaces with the light of day until the end of my lineage.

I hope I can finish my book by the end of next year, and I want to say thank you, whomever all you are, for the support, interest, and encouragement in my life.